Internet & Intranet Development

Web (Cloud based) Applications

What are they?

Simply stated, web applications are traditional software applications (such as an accounting package or inventory tracking program) that have been retooled for use through a standard web browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, FireFox, etc. Unlike most software, web based applications are often available for lease and can generally be previewed prior to agreement.

What are the advantages over Client side (desktop/mobile) applications?

There are many immediate advantages you will experience.  Unlike traditional software – there is nothing to install, as all functionality exist in the browser.  Furthermore – users have the ability to access the program from anywhere and store all data on the application server.   Other advantages are:

  • Lower up-front costs than traditional software
  • Lower IT cost associated with the installation and propagation of the product throughout the company
  • Fixed monthly, quarterly, or annual costs per user
  • No upgrading, because the latest version is always installed on the application server
  • No file-exchange problems which commonly occur when multiple versions of a program in use simultaneously

How can I get a cost estimate?

Costs are most frequently associated with level of usage. As mentioned above, leasing plans are available which are flexible to your needs.  Initially, it will be necessary to ascertain your needs and then base our suggestions on these needs.  Cost estimates become more complicated with more customization and can also be more time intensive.


We create web sites and applications that combine leading edge technology, a professional appearance, and extremely functional navigation allowing your company to continue it success and profits.

Our goal is to provide you with a new avenue to reach current and future customers, utilizing the latest technology available. We have the ability to provide you with dynamic Web presence, increasing your exposure to more than 100 million potential customers. We can create an online vision of your company, turning your existing brochures, newsletters, and catalogs into valuable, interactive marketing tools that will open your company doors to a new and rapidly growing market. rockhopper tech can provide you with the means to market and sell your products throughout the world, utilizing electronic commerce and online monetary transactions.

Customer satisfaction is our primary goal. This is reflected in our sites and through our personalized service. Your Web site should be more than just an advertisement; it should provide you with a superior means to reach your target audience, combining both functionality and added value. 

Web (Browser Based) Applications

Technology has now yielded the ability to bring your company’s data to the Web. With the use of Application Server Software, our developers can build your company's database material into an extremely useful tool for all company employees to access anywhere at any time, using a web browser, and have the ability to add, modify, or delete data remotely. This application works extremely well when integrated into an Intranet with other pertinent company data.

eCommerce Applications

Selling your products online is easier than ever. Our Shopping Cart program easily allows your web customers to enter the quantity of each item they want, enter their billing and shipping information, credit card data, and simply submit! There's no pre-registration information to enter before they shop like some sites. They can start shopping immediately
Mobile (Browser Based) /Responsive Applications

With browser based mobile applications, you can extend the reach of your business to any mobile device without the overhead of building two different applications, one for iPhone/iPad and one for Android. Maintenance is must less restrictive as you would be updating all mobile devices simultaneously and not have to go through the review process for each “App Store”. The browser-based mobile application can be integrated into an existing site or as a stand-alone application.

rockhopperCRM Intranet Application  

This is a very robust internal Intranet and sales tool site that includes streaming video training, daily news updates, dynamic calendars and up to the minute policy and procedures.  This application features embedded video teleconferencing for the company.  Perhaps the most impressive feature of this system is that it can be maintained almost entirely in house via a browser interface.  This allows your company to save tremendous costs by enabling non-web savvy employees to update and administrate the site.

Benefits of rockhopper tech, Inc.

We realize you may pay a little more, but the benefits outweigh the risks.  Among these are: developer redundancy, rockhopper tech policies & procedure/infrastructure, project tracking and managing, code base repository & management and deployment, beta test servers &hosting services, security, developer background checks and excellent service.


Development Process


The purpose of the discovery phase is to allow CAI to gain a complete understanding of the client’s business model, goals, needs and processes.  The results of this phase will be a clear understanding of the needs to be met and the environment into which a solution must be incorporated.

Requirements Definition

Upon completion of the discovery phase CAI will have a clear understanding of the issues at hand, and the requirements definition phase can begin.  During this phase CAI project management and system architects will meet with key client personnel to discuss the specific project requirements.  The focus of these discussions is the interaction between the system and the users of the system, and any constraints levied upon the architecture of the system.  It is critical at this point that all users of the system be represented so that all their diverse needs can be met.

Output: Requirements Document

Preliminary Design

During the preliminary design phase CAI will develop a high-level system design.  The intent of this design is to illustrate how the system will process inputs and outputs and incorporate design constraints.  In addition, during this phase potentially high-risk elements will be identified.  The preliminary design in conjunction with the requirements document will allow CAI to produce as accurate an estimate as possible.  

Output: Preliminary design and project estimate


Detailed Design

During the detailed design phase the entire system will be specified in detail, and high-risk elements will be prototyped.  During this phase all items identified in the requirements document will be linked to specific elements in the detailed design to ensure all requirements and constraints are met.

Output: Detailed design document, requirements traceability matrix, and system and quality assurance test requirements.



During the development phase the detailed design will be implemented, and unit and integration testing will be performed.  During this phase the client will be given access to a beta site when work progresses to such a point as to allow the client to begin to experience the look and feel of the new system.

Output: A fully functional system ready pre-deployment testing.


System Testing and Quality Assurance

During the system test and quality assurance phase the system will be rigorously tested to ensure robustness and complete requirements coverage.

Output: A system ready for deployment to a live server.



System deployment includes hardware and software configuration, hosting, performance tuning, end-user documentation delivery and end-user training.