What does rockhopper tech do?

We solve problems! We do this through technology. rockhopper tech, Inc. is a solution provider using Information Technology Systems and Internet Development.  We define your needs by reviewing your manual and automated processes.  We then recommend a more efficient solution and install the necessary components, while providing follow up consultation and maintenance.  We work with you every step of the way to provide an integrated system that meets all of your automation needs.

rockhopper tech — Your technology business partner

Why use rockhopper tech?

Since 1989, rockhopper tech’s vision is to offer businesses assistance with automating their daily operations through modern technology.  We focus on client service.  We position ourselves to be a long-term business partner with our clients to assist them with their growing needs.

rockhopper tech — Where service is priority one

What is the strength of rockhopper tech?

We think the client should be able to contact one company to coordinate their IT needs.  rockhopper tech can do that!

Client service and expectations are priority one.  Since we share many of the same services as other companies, our relationship with clients is where we separate from the pack!  . We are accessible 24/7.  Our 27 years of experience has enabled us to use the best companies to provide solutions for the client. Our developers and consultants are trained and certified to implement these services, software, and hardware.


How can I begin working with rockhopper tech?

What is the process of rockhopper tech?

An initial interview or meeting with the client prospect will include a “wish list,” short and long-term goals.  Prior to any work being performed the client will have the project scope, expectations, estimated price and/or fixed price proposal.  This approach reduces confusion and gives the client comfort and confidence that they made the proper business decision.  rockhopper tech consultants, operations, and client service representatives will be in constant contact throughout and after the project has been completed.

Analysis & Design

The first step of solving our clients' challenges is the analysis and design phase.  rockhopper tech will evaluate your current technology infrastructure and design a solution that supports your workflow and serves your current and forecasted needs.

The CAI team works hand-in-hand with clients to improve business performance, maximize IT investment value, and create competitive advantage.

  • Audit and review current infrastructure
  • Educate client on LAN /WAN infrastructure options
  • Hardware audit
  • Software audit

Systems Integration

Implementation of the design is the next step in the solution process.  The main objective is to share computer resources such as file servers, printers, and communications devices. A LAN connects devices so that they may be shared among a group of users within a workgroup, department, building or campus. Not sharing these resources is generally an expensive strategic mistake. The network is a simple medium used by devices to make communications and resource sharing possible. The WAN interconnects LANs either locally, nationwide or worldwide to exchange information.

By optimizing your IT environment, you will gain faster, easier access to information and services, thus reducing your administration costs and focusing on profits. A network also allows a central point of administration and security, thus reducing running costs.

Hardware & Software

rockhopper tech services include a range of hardware, software and peripherals. We offer servers, desktops, printers, components, laptop systems, upgrades, operating systems and many other types of hardware and software.                      

rockhopper tech is dedicated to providing fast, dependable and accurate computer solutions to meet your computing objectives. We pride ourselves on being a complete “computer solution provider.”  Our consultants are highly trained and skilled computer professionals.

rockhopper tech consultants and sales personnel are educated in the latest technologies. We will review your future needs as well as your current needs. Planning for future scalability is an absolute must in today’s fast changing technologies.


Internet connectivity has evolved into a lifeline for day-to-day operations of businesses and individuals.

rockhopper tech will review your needs, offer recommendations, and implement the solution from start to finish. Our consultants are trained and certified to install these types of technologies.

Remote Connectivity

One of the main target groups consists of corporations whose outside staff requires access to data from company headquarters while on the road. The increasing popularity of alternative forms of employment (such as telecommuting, or working from a home office) opens up another escalating market of potential remote access users.

Increasing reliance on corporate networks and the proliferation of high-speed Internet connectivity make

Virtual Private Networking the logical choice for secure, scalable remote access.

Virtual Private Networking (VPN) is a secure communication over the Internet that allows remote employees and business partners to securely access their corporate network. VPN technology works in conjunction with firewalls and the global Internet infrastructure to provide a dedicated secure communication channel between networked computers.

Remote control is another type of remote access in which the software literally controls a workstation in the office. This office workstation performs all processing functions while the remote control software sends screenshots back to the user.

A Terminal Server solution complements a VPN solution. Since the Terminal Server session runs locally on the server, application performance is outstanding. A Terminal Server session uses a special protocol and is encrypted to ensure security. In a terminal Server scenario, no data crosses the wire - only screen updates are sent to the remote client.

Web based applications maximize remote efficiency. rockhopper tech builds these for the user, who simply needs internet access with a web browser and can have full remote access to the specific applications and files.

Virus Protection Plan

As you are aware or should know, there are tens of thousands of viruses waiting to attack your systems everyday.  Most have an immediate effect, while some are delayed. Thousands are created daily. rockhopper tech has the plan, which will include subscriptions to update the latest releases.

“If a virus destroyed my network today, how much time and money will be lost to restore it?”

rockhopper tech is provider of comprehensive antivirus, Internet content security, and outbreak management software and services. We use products designed to deliver coordinated protection at network and application layers to proactively manage the outbreak lifecycle—from vulnerability prevention to malicious code prevention and elimination.

Desktop & Client – Virus protection for the enterprise end-user or home user
Outbreak Management – Centralized outbreak management and threat-specific expertise and knowledge for proactive outbreak lifecycle management
Network Protection – Network virus and network layer threat protection for the enterprise
Email & Groupware –Virus and content security protection for Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange environments
Internet Gateway – Virus, content security, and spam protection for the SMTP, HTTP, and FTP server gateway
File Server & Storage – Virus protection for multiple servers and domains

Backup Solutions

Protecting your data is not an option. Businesses cannot tolerate downtime.

rockhopper tech offers many top brand products, providing the best solution for your budget. Your company’s data and infrastructure are vital to its growth and existence. It’s our business to solve your technology problems and recommend a solution that will meet your needs. rockhopper tech offers a full array of redundancy systems in both data storage and back-up systems. Our solutions are designed to be fail-safe and tailored to meet your specific needs.

With an ever-growing dependency on the digital medium, a corporation’s strength is no greater than the integrity of its data. Power fluctuations, magnetic media failure, computer viruses and saboteurs can bring systems, hard disks and applications to instant halt. Ranging from employee payroll / financial ledgers to customer data, your server integrity, and the policies of its insurance, is the value of your enterprise.

Below are some proactive solutions to defend your data.

  • Backups and Media Handling
  • Online Backup Service
  • Server recovery and proactive disaster defense
  • Hardware redundancy
  • Contact and Responsibility


Security is a very difficult topic. Everyone has a different idea of what "security’’ is and what levels of risk are acceptable. The key for building a secure network is to define what security means to your organization. Once that has been defined, everything that goes on with the network can be evaluated with respect to that policy. Projects and systems can then be broken down into their components, and it becomes much simpler to decide whether what is proposed will conflict with your security policies and practices.

Network security consists of two main avenues: Internal and External

Internal Security measures:

  • Hierarchy of Permissions implemented in Operating System
  • Internal network configuration
  • Network traffic security software
  • Security Features in Server and Workstations software
  • Data Structure

External Security measures:

  • Firewalls
  • Internet filtering software
  • Special router configuration
  • Internal Network configuration
  • Virus Protection


Internal Network Security software.

This software performs a complete security analysis of Windows® and UNIX® Sun™ Solaris™ / RedHat™ Linux® resources. Enables users to accurately identify and eliminate network security deficiencies that can allow hacker intrusion.  A major part of network intrusions is caused by internal employees.

What is a Firewall?

A firewall is a system that enforces an access control policy between two networks. It blocks traffic and it permits traffic. A firewall’s purpose is to keep intruders out of your network while still allowing you to get your job done. A firewall provides not only real security - it often plays an important role as a security blanket for management. A firewall can be configured to permit only e-mail traffic to pass, or it can provide less stringent protection, blocking services that are known to be problems.

What is Internet filtering software?

This software enables administrators to monitor, filter, control and manage employees’ Internet access.  By controlling employees’ access, productivity will increase, network speeds will perform more efficiently, Internet bandwidth will increase or will not bog down unnecessarily.