Message from the President

Shawn Mahoney, President and CEO, Rockhopper Tech, Inc.

“Rockhopper Tech strives to be a place where talent, quality and values come together in the successful completion of desired outcomes. Rockhopper Tech is an outstanding place to work. It is a professional, challenging, rewarding technology work environment, respectful of ideas and individuals. This translates into a continuity of service, and focus on delivering desired results to our clients in a timely and highly effective manner.”

See How Rockhopper.Tech Can Help Your

  • Give the client the maximum value of uptime and redundancy for the budget offered. At the same time guarantee the service will be completed on time and within the budget offered.
  • Allow clients to save money and time to apply towards investing in creating and building their own success.
  • To become a trusted advisor of the client.

Our outstanding people and effective project results have earned us a reputation as a premier provider of custom web applications, hosting, and IT solutions.

We offer automation of daily business operations through the use of modern technology consisting of computer hardware and software applications.

We perform these services for companies who have a vision of success and want to use technology to get it! And who, in turn, want us to succeed and continue to perform this valuable service.

Our Story...

Rockhopper Tech started as a IT solutions and Local Area Network (LAN) consulting company back in February of 1989. Although we continue offering our business clients great IT services, we have moved towards building “operational software applications” as our primary focus. We solve backend workflow automation thru software development.

We have evolved into more of a technology and software development company and we wanted to have our new name reflect this direction change. Rockhopper Tech provides these solutions to small and medium businesses as well as fortune 1000 sized companies.

Still on the fence?

Reach out to us to discuss your needs and ideas! We will provide advice just for you based on the stage of your project and what your business needs