What does Rockhopper.Tech do?

We solve problems! We do this through technology. Rockhopper Tech, Inc. is a solution provider using Information Technology Systems and Internet Development. We define your needs by reviewing your manual and automated processes. We then recommend a more efficient solution and install the necessary components, while providing follow up consultation and maintenance. We work with you every step of the way to provide an integrated system that meets all of your automation needs.

Why use Rockhopper Tech?

Since 1989, Rockhopper Tech’s vision is to offer businesses assistance with automating their daily operations through modern technology. We focus on client service. We position ourselves to be a long-term business partner with our clients to assist them with their growing needs.

What is the strength of Rockhopper Tech?

We think the client should be able to contact one company to coordinate their IT needs. Rockhopper Tech can do that!

Client service and expectations are priority one. Since we share many of the same services as other companies, our relationship with clients is where we separate from the pack! . We are accessible 24/7. Our 30 years of experience has enabled us to use the best companies to provide solutions for the client. Our developers and consultants are trained and certified to implement these services, software, and hardware.